This is an example of a hacked together WordPress blog, from Ben Lam, a Canadian based out of Paris, France where the baguette is actually crispy on the outside and soft as a down pillow on the inside, where the woman are extremely beautiful (especially the one that I live with) and Internet connections come in 2 flavours: 20Mb or 40Mb.

Currently this cat spends his time working on Paris Train Guide and an Internet Book Club in between breaks of champagne, wicked wild board paté on his freshly Leopardized MacBook Pro that is pimped out with a John Holmes shaming 22″ secondary screen, 3GB of little 1’s and 0’s parked in front of a well reclined HM Aeron chair.

And, yes, I brought the frickin’ chair with me from Canada, on the plane, inside a gigantic white box the size of Kansas. They’re twice the price over here, k?

Want to get in touch with me? Try ben at thepostoffice dot com

Aboard BC Ferries on the Georgia Straight

(Header Photo: tikidad)