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Think you have a loud or noisy CD/DVD drive in your MacBook / MacBook Pro?

Apple was kind enough to record the noises from SuperDrives installed in MacBooks so that we can compare our drive sounds to that of “normal” SuperDrives.  In my opinion, the SuperDrives make horrible loud clunky noises completely unbefitting of sleek laptop like the MacBook or MacBook Pro

Listen and compare your cd/dvd drive noise to these official Apple “SuperDrive” sounds.

I’m not sure why, but I can’t help but laugh when hearing these sound clips.

(Photo: Ben McLeod)


After having returned my original Macbook Pro battery (made by Sony) and receiving my new SMP made lithium-polymer battery unit, my “at rest” macbook pro battery life reads 5 hours 25 minutes upon fresh unplugging.

How long does your new Macbook Pro battery last?

Apple DVD Player Play ISO filmsTo play a movie that is saved in ISO file format on Mac OS X, start the built-in DVD Player (find it in the Applications Folder, it won’t be on the Dock at the bottom of your screen by default).

Then in Finder (or on your Desktop) double click the ISO file to “mount” the ISO movie file.  Apple DVD Player will automatically recognize that a movie DVD has been loaded and will start playing the movie immediately.

That’s all there is to playing movie DVD’s saved as ISO files on your Mac with Leopard OS X.